Trish&Tash is owned by a 65 year old trusted and heritage brand Three Beauties of London.

We are a vegan inspired brand of the parent company and sell only products that are vegan.
Vegan products do not contain any animal derived ingredients and are often not tested on animals.
Vegan brands are fully committed not to be cruel to animals.

There are currently no mandatory global regulations or standards to register vegan cosmetics,skincare and nail treatment products but there are two organisations that certify conformity to vegan standards.
One of the two is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which certifies no animal testing and non-cruelty to animals.

The mainstay of vegan beauty and skincare products are centred around purity in beauty,which emphasise hygiene and clean ingredients.

Vegan beauty products are free from petrochemicals,carcinogenic,mutagenic,toxic and other harmful ingredients.
Some of the harmful ingredients like Xylene,Formaldehyde,Toulene,Dibutyl Phalates,Camphor,Trypheyl (TPHP).
Ethyl Tosylamide,Paraben are not used in vegan nail polish formulations,as an example.

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