Trend Watch: What is happening in Korea 2018?

Trend Watch: What is happening in Korea 2018?

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What is happening in Korea 2018?

Hello Readers! It’s Trish here.

I still have not spent my Ang Bao money at all believe it or not, So this time, I took the liberty to more or less “Get a feel” of  new cosmetic trends that are going to be trending (at least from my prediction) in 2018, so as to not look like somebody from the 80s again.

In Today’s Article, I’ll share with you my little research into the current cosmetic trend in Korea right now, and what is predicted (Disclaimer: My prediction) to happen at least in the year 2018.

But anyways, As mentioned in my earlier Article,  I feel that it is important that we understand the culture of a country/city/continent before we could go about assuming what is expected to happen and stuff.

Personally, Korean culture, at least to me, is very traditional yet modern at the same time. It is usually reflected by their often contradictory customs and behaviours. It is something like how us Singaporeans want to move out as  early as we can from our homes, yet Parents would expect us to stay at home until we get married. This contradiction kinda leaks into their makeup culture as well, as they often go for clean and natural looks, yet stand out boldly with clearly artificial shades in one or more areas of their face. So Korean trends, along with the culture of Korea, would change accordingly as their traditions and values change the ever-changing world in my opinion.

Ok, I’m pretty sure everybody skipped that paragraph.

To more or less summarise the overall trend I have observed:

  1. Dewy and Fair Skin
  2. Straight eyebrows
  3. Natural to Bold Eyeshadows
  4. Glossy Lipsticks
  5. Different colour and patterns on each nail
  6. Red, Pink, Purple shades
Song Joong Ki
Song hye kyo


Dewy Skin is still popular in Korea, with many celebrities still adopting that “Glowy” look that has become synonymous with Korean makeup styles. It gives you a sort of athletic reflective glow on your skin, making you look healthy. With new and improved Korean skincare products hitting retail stores in 2018, we can expect the popular look to still continue to grow strong in 2018!

I feel that this trend is a total classic with Koreans, as they really strive to achieve that clean and natural look with a lot of their local brands. Other than the typical Korean Retail brands in Singapore, some interesting and innovative brands I have discovered are ‘Thank you Farmer’ and ‘Blossom Jeju’, made only using natural ingredients that are meant to make your skin have that radiant and shiny feel (which I might do a review on when the shipment arrives). You could otherwise check out our Ultimate Style guide on ways you could achieve Dewy Skin without all the expensive stuff. But aside from that, you can surely expect Dewy skin to be a constant trend in the coming years.


Im Yoon Ah

Im Yoon-ah (^) always amazes my mum by how beautiful and perfect her features are. So one day she decided to start ‘analyzing’ what makeup she would use. Turns out, my Mom came back with straight eyebrows from the saloon one that day with a Korean perm. Erm, it’s odd to see your Mom do this, but I think one of the most prominent features of Korean makeup is the all-so-famous Straight Eyebrows. (Insta thing I noticed on my Mom actually)

It is still going strong with many celebrities and is one of the prominent things Koreans are known about. Looks like this is still going to go strong in 2018.

Choi Soo



Many korean girls like to wear their eye shadow according to their mood of the season and occasion, However, most of  the eyeshadow colors they prefered in 2017 are more towards the natural colors like pink, coral but in 2018, koreans have begun to embrace even more intense and bolder colours which is like a mix of western and korean makeup style.


This brings back to what I said earlier, that Korean makeup, is at the very least, contradictory to one another. On one end, they prefer natural looking eyebrows and blushes, and suddenly, they would use Eye shadows that are more westernized in the sense of bolder colors and the iconic red lipstick, while still achieving a Natural look as much as possible. A true Juxtaposition (Yes I learnt that word from Aiken from NOC, and I feel chim).

Brands to lookout for are Sixteen brand eye shades and of course 3ce, as they have a myriad of interesting color palettes that matches my skin tone and fashion sense well.


Lipstick trends

Lip-wise, I can assure you that vivid glossy colours are still trending (Im looking at you again 3ce) with Koreans preferring Bright Red hues. But it seems that Berry and Pinkish hues are starting to emerge from Korea. Maybe because they finally got bored of Reddish hues (I’m tired of it too) idk, but it definitely looks pretty bomb as seen below:


Other than the hues themselves, alternatively, we can see the trend of Gradient lipsticks still going strong for the year 2018 as shown below:

gradient lipstick

Nail Colors

Korean Nail Designs

Korean Girls are crazy with their Nails, Korean girls are absolute creative with their nails! From abstract nail patterns to cute and pastel nails. Their creativity never seizes to amaze me.

Color Wise, they do go for the Natural look with nude-ish and pinkish tones still popular among Koreans, usually preferring demure and natural looking shades.. Pastel colors are also trending in Korea as shown with pictures below:

As sheepish as it sounds, I do currently carry some Pastel colors on my store, so do check them out if you are interested HAHAHA. It is chemical-free after all, excluding harmful chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde etc etc. (You can read my article on what chemicals you should look out for when shopping for cosmetics).

Gel Fusion shot 1


Otherwise, thank you reading all the way till the end. As a reward, I’ll tell you a short little secret for sticking with me through the Article…. The Trish & Tash store would be having discounts on Fridays, so do make your purchases on Fridays instead of weekdays if you have anything you would like to buy from our Store.

With that out of the way, I think overall Koreans are still trying to be bold in a more conservative manner (Juxtaposition lol) in the way they do their makeup, similar to that of their cultural.. But I think someday, maybe in the near future, they would slowly become much more bolder and wilder in the way they do their cosmetics. Do it most definitely won’t be so soon either.

Signing offfff,


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